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RevOps Manifesto


Definition of Revenue Operations: 

To drive company growth by operationalizing the experience throughout the customer lifecycle; from prospect to delight. 


The purpose of RevOps is to seek balance and trade-offs between enhancing the customer experience and increasing an organization’s operational efficiency, velocity, profitability, and drive more revenue throughout the customer lifecycle.


This means:

  1. We assess the silos across your organization and integrate them, rather than breaking them down.
  2. We look for overlaps in tech and address your data silos rather than adding more tech and ambiguity to a company’s experience. 
  3. We shape tech around company operations versus forcing operations to fit into existing tech.
  4. We address change management with realistic expectations and milestones versus imposing change without vision nor an understanding of the consequences.
  5. We give recommendations from the perspective of the whole machine versus narrow-minded adjustments that can cause a ripple effect of issues down the line.
  6. We care about your customer experience, revenue, and brand promise versus singular vanity metrics.
  7. We establish finely-tuned branding and messaging to drive a consistent, effective customer experience and optimal positioning.